Marionette Lines Dermal Fillers

45 mins - 1 hour - Prices from £180 Depending on look to be achieved & density of product. Price on consultation.


Marionette Lines (corner of mouth to chin) are long vertical wrinkles which can give a sad or grim kind of look to the face. This can worsen as we age, if we smoke and due to genetics, and can progress to jowls later on. 

Dermal fillers placed just under the skin add volume to lift these corners and improve wrinkles.

Results can be seen immediately and can last 8-12 months.

Naso Labial Folds Dermal Fillers

45 mins - 1 hour - Prices from £180 

Depending on look to be achieved & density of product. Price on consultation.

The Naso labial fold is the deep crease either side of the nose running down to the corners of the mouth, "Smile Lines"

The folds become more noticeable as we age due to gravity, whereby volume is lost from the cheeks, causing more deeper folds around the mouth. 

Dermal fillers placed just under the skin restore lost volume and soften appearance of these creases. Results can be seen immediately and can last 12-18 months.

Dermal Lip Fillers

Approx 30-45 mins - Price Varies Dependent on look to be achieved and product used.

Dermal Lip Filler

0.55ml From £140

1 ml From £150

Price increase with other products.

Dermal fillers add definition to the lips and help regain youthful plumpness. They can help to correct a-symmetry, smokers lines and add definition to the cupids bow. Results can be seen immediately and can last 4-8 months.

Cheeks – Dermal Fillers

Approx 45 mins - 1 hour

Regenovue Sub Q Plus

1 ml £150

1 ml is recommended on each cheek.

Juvederm Voluma

1 ml £170

1 ml is recommended on each cheek.

Others may require slightly more and additional injections to the nasolabial fold to enhance the overall results. 


The Malar fat pad is the focus of the central third of the upper face. This is a dense fibro-fatty pad within the subcutaneous layer, whose borders include the nasolabial fold, the infraorbital rim and the zygomatic prominence. 


As we age or lose a lot of weight, our natural fatty pad in the cheeks diminishes and gravity pulls everything downwards. This can cause a sagging of the skin, more prominent and deeper nasolabial folds and a sunken appearance.

By injecting a good quality cross-linked Hyaluronic filler directly above the cheek bones and molding it into place will help to lift the cheek, restoring volume and plumpness back to the fat pad. By doing this, it can also help lift areas lower down on the face such as, the nasolabial folds.

This procedure seems to be very popular and can achieve great results lasting up to 18 months.

Generally, to achieve the best result, 1 ml would be injected on both sides, but this can be discussed on consultation on an individual basis.

Upper Face Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment

Approx 30 mins

2 Areas £185

3 Areas £200

Please see FAQ for information on booking consultation with prescriber. 


Azzalure - Botulinum Toxin is a naturally produced protein used to temporarily relax muscles. A very fine needle is used to insert product just under the skin and no anaesthetic is required.


Frontalis/Forehead Lines 

We get horizontal lines across forehead from our muscles contracting when we raise our eyebrows. Created by Frontalis muscle contracting. Can create tired and older looking face. Anti-wrinkle injections when combined with the frown area (Procerus) can create a more natural softening effect.


Glabellar/Frown Lines

These are vertical lines which occur above and in between the eye brow. These are the result of frowning, ageing and from facial expressions we make. These lines become more prominent with age, causing the face to show signs of stress and tired appearance.


Crows Feet

These wrinkles show when we smile and laugh and can be present at rest. They are part of our character, but some prefer to have treatment to soften these lines out. They are caused by the contraction of the Obicularis Oculi muscle of the eye.


Results are noticeable in 2-3 days, after 2 weeks the result is optimal. Can last  4-6 months, sometimes longer and dependent on lifestyle. Treatment can be repeated  as often as required and is very safe.




Outstanding - Lisa provides a professional environment with excellent knowledge and reassurance. Lisa has listened to my concerns and advised me appropriately. I am over the moon with my results, I feel confident and less self conscious about my facial frown lines, crows feet and wrinkled forehead.
My skin looks and feels great!


Great work Lisa. Really happy with the results. Thank you!!!



Highly recommended, fantastic after care information and care.
Lisa even contacted me to follow up, to see how I felt about the results.


Lisa is a very professional and knowledgeable practitioner. She takes the upmost care to ensure that you are well informed about the treatment and listens carefully and responds to your desired outcomes and any concerns. Her sterile technique and Covid 19 precautions are impeccable. She also provides a wealth of knowledge on aftercare and concerns reflected by her profession as a senior registered nurse. I am very pleased with the outcome of my treatments, in fact she worked miracles on my tired aged face! I would have no hesitation to recommend her services.


Lisa is thoroughly professional as well as bring warm and friendly. She makes every effort to make you feel comfortable and takes the time to make sure that any treatment achieved the results you want. If you want to look natural, as I do, I would absolutely recommend her.



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